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Breastfeeding support

Relaxing, calm class venues or Sue can visit your own home

Sue can visit you in the privacy of your own home

Breastfeeding support

Sue also offers
baby massage and
first aid courses

The Breastfeeding Network

The Breastfeeding Network



Breastfeeding support

Solutions can be found from WithinYou....

  • Breastfeeding supportAre you nervous about going out with baby when she needs to feed?
    I can help you to grow in confidence
  • Are you worried about milk supply?
    I can reassure you and give tips for increasing supply
  • Are you finding breastfeeding painful?
    I can help with positioning and attachment
  • Are you mixed feeding and occasionally using formula but wanting to exclusively breast feed?
    I can share some secret solutions
  • Are you feeling criticized or judged by family and friends?
    I can help you grow in confidence and find the words to explain your choices to them.
  • Does your partner feel left out?
    I can help him discover his vital role in supporting you whilst enjoying fatherhood

How Sue can help

Sue Thomson

"Having pioneered the breastfeeding cafes in the London Borough of Lewisham in the early 2000’s and with a midwifery career spanning over 30 years, I have lots of experience and knowledge to share.

Having breastfed my two Daughters well into their second years I can also empathise with some initial difficulties you may encounter.

I will help you experiment with more comfortable feeding positions, will teach you how to recognize your babies feeding cues and how to effectively hand express."

Further details

  • Specifically designed for those difficult early weeks of establishing breastfeeding
  • Unhurried, empathetic approach
  • In your own home
  • Expert advice
  • Tailor-made for your specific needs
  • Tongue-tie rapid private referral
  • Sleeping issues
  • Bed-sharing information
  • Cost: £60 per hour
New baby

Contact Sue

Please email or phone to discuss dates.

Learn a relaxed way to breastfeeding. Find out how to avoid giving formula and how to manage the early days. Get your baby off to a great start in life.

If you have any queries about Sue's breastfeeding support or would like to make a booking please get in touch:

email Sue Thomson at info@withinyou.co.uk or call 07867 671713